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Disconnection Policy

Disconnection Policy

Reputable online casino Crickex works hard to give its users a smooth and entertaining gaming experience. Though every effort is made to keep the platform dependable and stable, sometimes internet problems do happen, raising questions about how they will affect your bets and gameplay.

Our software has been engineered to handle such situations in a way that preserves our players from unfair losses while removing the potential for deliberate disconnections and system misuse.

Understanding Disconnections in Online Casinos & Cricket Exchange

Disconnections can occasionally occur in the virtual world of online casinos for reasons that are not within the player’s or the casino’s control. Technical difficulties, server problems, or problems with internet connection can all be the cause of these disconnections. Even though they don’t happen often, these disruptions can be annoying, particularly if they happen when you’re placing a bet or during crucial parts of a casino game.


Player Protection and Fair Play

Players’ safety is Crickex’s top priority, and to handle disconnection situations, the company has put in place certain policies and procedures:

  1. Game Session Preservation: In the event of a disconnection, Crickex’s cutting-edge technology maintains the status of a gaming session. The system saves the progress and any bets placed up to that point if a player gets disconnected while participating in a casino game. This makes sure that after they reconnect, players can carry on with their gaming without any problems.

  2. Automatic Timeout: An automatic timeout feature that safeguards players in case of a disconnect may be present in some games. Any active game rounds or bets made on the player’s behalf may be automatically finished by the system if the player get disconnected. With the help of this feature, players are protected from losing money or missing out on possible wins because of unplanned disruptions.

  3. Account Crediting: Any winnings from finished game rounds or bets are automatically credited to the player’s Crickex account in the event of a disconnection. This ensures that players don’t lose out on any possible rewards because of technical difficulties and that they get paid what they are entitled to.

  4. Customer Support Assistance: Crickex is dedicated to giving its players the best possible customer service. Customers can get help from the committed customer support team if they have any technical issues or suffer a disconnection. The team can be reached via email and live chat, among other channels, and will respond to problems and provide guidance as soon as possible.